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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door Cables

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Garage Door Company

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It's a good idea to get good answers! When it comes to garage doors, all matters are serious. That's why we try to be as explicit as we can in our answers. Frequently asked questions are answered here in the best possible way. Their content is short, yet very helpful.

We offer maintained lubrication regularly for all parts

We answer your garage door questions and make your life easier, practical and safer. Read the answers here.

Will a garage door and opener work fine on a low ceiling garage?

Yes. Experts from Norcross have found that residential garage doors usually need a minimum of 4 ½ inches of headroom space. There are many types of garage doors and openers that accommodate low ceilings.

Is a lock necessary for my garage door?

Electric door openers often function as locking systems, thus making locks redundant and unnecessary. Doors that do not use such openers will need locks, but doors being sold today come with no locks because of how common garage door openers are.

What are the advantages of keyless locks?

Keyless locks were created in order to provide people with high security and safety. As a result, your garage door cannot be opened at all without the aid of a personal pass code. From another point of view, you will not have to carry a lot of keys with you. All you need is a combination of digits.

Why steel garage doors are more durable than other types of doors?

Steel doors are much stronger and more secure than any other materials. They can rival the look of wooden doors without the need for regular maintenance. However, they are difficult to install and this type of work is best left to our professional technicians.

What is the benefit of choosing a steel garage door?

Steel doors require less effort to maintain. Steel doors are already painted and with a factory applied baked-on coating. Our experts recommended getting the exterior of the door cleaned with a common household detergent and warm water at least once every year.

Why the new Liftmaster control panel is considered smart?

Liftmaster calls its new control panel smart and it is. Apart from basic information, it will also tell you the temperature in the garage. It gives diagnostics of the system. This way, you'll know the perfect time for garage door opener maintenance.

What are wind-load garage doors?

These are doors which are especially designed and reinforced to withstand high winds. They typically have stronger springs compared to their counterparts. Their trucks and rollers are thicker, stronger, and more durable. As a buyer, you have to ensure that the door which you purchase matches the wind load rating of your area of residence.

What causes the door to make scraping sounds?

The accomplished technicians of Garage Door Repair Norcross explain that this issue occurs most often due to extensively frayed lift cables which require replacement. If the door uses extension springs, their pulleys may have got extensively worn-out, and new ones will be required. The problem may be due to misalignment of the track sections as well.

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